Easy-to-Make Coconut Banana Pie Protein Shake Recipe

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Summer is here, so you must already be dreaming of the tropical lifestyle: The beach, the sweet smell of the coconut suntan lotion, the tiny umbrellas in your drinks, it's all so very relaxing. So kickback and let Chef Geo's Coconut Banana Pie recipe be a great head start to the sunny season.

With the BPI Sports resident chef's delicious, low-calorie protein shake recipe, you can truly get taste of the beach life in minutes. The best part is it only take a few minutes to make, and allows you to consume plenty of good-for-you whey protein powder.

Aside from being a healthy treat, you can also enjoy the Coconut Banana Pie protein shake before or after a workout for some delicious pre-workout energy or recovery after you’ve trained. Thanks to quick dissolving and easily-digestible Whey HD™ , you’re guaranteed to have delicious shake on your hands.

-  1 Scoop of BPI Sports' Whey HD™ protein powder in Vanilla Caramel
-  1/2 Cup of Fat-free Greek Yogurt
-  8 oz. of Coconut Milk
-  1 Tsp. of Cinnamon Powder
-  8 Drops of liquid Stevia
-  1 Blotter Shot of MCT Oil
-   Sugar-Free Caramel Sundae Syrup
-  1 Scoop of whipped cream
-  Unsweetened Coconut Flakes

**Nutrition Facts:**
217 Calories  P 30g   C 11g  F 5.5g 

Steps to Follow:
Simply rim your glass with the caramel syrup. Next, mix all ingredients in a blender and pour into glass.
Then top off your Coconut Banana Pie protein shake with some whipped cream and a drizzle of caramel syrup.

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