Delicious, Creative Best Protein Bar™ Recipes

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Chocolate Brownie Espresso Pudding w/ Best Protein Bar™

Ingredients: Makes 1 serving
- 2 Scoops BPI Sports Best Protein™ in Chocolate Brownie flavour
- ½ Cup of Greek Yogurt
- ¾ cup of Cashew Milk
- 2 Shots of Espresso (chilled)
- 10 drop Liquid Stevia
- 1 Best Protein Bar™ in Cinnamon Crunch (diced)
- A pinch of cinnamon
- Chocolate Chunks
- Baked Coffee Beans
- Fat-Free Whipped Cream

Blend the protein powder, yogurt, cashew milk, espresso and Stevia until smooth. Then place in refrigerator until it stiffens (about an hour). Pour into glass, top with whipped cream, protein bar, coffee beans and chocolate chunks.

Cookies & Cream best Cereal Bowl
Ingredients: Makes 1 serving
- 1 Scoop of BPI Sports Best Protein™ in Cookies and Cream flavour
- 1 Cup of Almond Milk
- 10 drops of Liquid Stevia
- ½ Bar of BPI Sports Best Protein Bar™ in Cookies and Cream flavor (Cubed)
- 2 Oreo Thin Crisps Cookies (Crumbled)
- 1 Cup Sprouted Grain Cereal


Mix in a blender the protein powder, almond milk and stevia and pour over cereal. Then top off with half a protein bar.


Cookies & Cream-Stuffed Protein Pancakes Topped w/Best Protein Bar™
Ingredients: Makes 6 servings
- 1 Cup of Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix with Protein
- 2 scoops of BPI Sports Best Protein™ in S’mores flavour  
- 1 Tsp. of Cinnamon Powder
- 1 cup of Water
-  Chocolate Syrup
-  Caramel Sauce
- 1 BPI Sports Best Protein Bar™ in S’mores (cubed, to top the pancake)
- 3 Scoops of Whipped Cream
- Pancake Syrup

Blend the protein pancake mix, the Best Protein™ powder, the cinnamon and water until the consistency is liquid-like. The mixture shouldn't be too thick or it won’t fold and break in half, making thick pancakes.
Next, in a medium heat pan pour ¼ cup of the pancake mix in the center of the pan, let it spread out naturally. Do not swirl the pan around. Cook for one minute until it bubbles, then flip and cook for one more minute.
Place the cooked pancake on your plate and add three scoops of whipped cream to one side of it. Don't place it in the center of the pancake. Drizzle some chocolate and caramel sauce, then fold the pancake like you would an omelet. Drizzle some more sauce over the pancake, and top it all off with the cubed S'mores flavored Best Protein Bar™.

Best Protein Oatmeal on a Cone w/Best Protein Bar™
Ingredients: Makes 1 serving

- 1 Cup of Steel Cut Oats (dry)
- 3 scoops of BPI Sports Best Protein™ in Cookies and Cream flavour
- 1 Tbsp. of Cinnamon Powder
- 4 Cups water
- ¼ Bar of  Dark Chocolate Bar Sweetened with Stevia (cubed)
- ¼ Bar of Dark Chocolate Bar Sweetened with Stevia (melted)
-  Chocolate Syrup
-  Caramel Sauce
- ½ of Best Protein Bar™ per cone,  Triangularly
- 6 Waffle Cone

To make the protein oats, just mix the first four ingredients in a crock pot. Cook until there's very little water. It must be thick enough to stay on a cone. Next, dip the cones rim into the melted chocolate and let it harden. Scoop some of the cooked protein oats into the waffle cone and drizzle the chocolate and caramel sauce. Last but not least, add the cubed chocolate and top it all off with the protein bar.

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