What Workouts Burn The Most Calories?

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There are countless ways to exercise, weightlifting and stay active, from circuit training to sports to simple exercises you can perform. But how do you know which one best fits your goals? In order to help you out, BPI Sports has listed various workout types below with the amount of calories you can burn per hour while performing them.  This list will help you maximize your time in the gym, helping you reach your fitness goals a tad quicker.

For a little support in the energy department, try BPI Sports’ 1.M.R™ Vortex pre-workout formula. Just mix in the powder with water and enjoy the refreshing drink about 20 minutes before you start training. You’ll feel energized and look forward to go from set to set, completing your reps with more ease. 1.M.R™ Vortex will enhance your athletic performance and intensify your workouts like never before.

Cycling: From 650 to 1000 calories burned per hour
Cycling is a great exercise, but the exact number of calories burned is hard to determine since it depends on a few factors such as the effort you put in and even your weight. For instance, men will burn about 100 calories more than women for every cycling hour. The terrain you're riding on can also make a difference in the total number of calories burned. If you're going up a hill, you're expanding more effort and so you're burning more calories.  

The Elliptical: Around 650 calories per hour
This exercise machine is in virtually every gym, from nationwide fitness centers to local boutique gyms and even various residential communities across the U.S. The popular fitness staple allows you to do a non-impact cardiovascular workout so there's no excessive pressure on your joints. With the elliptical, you're working out both your upper and lower body simultaneously and can also choose your own intensity levels. Plus, if you’re looking for an even more intense workout session, drink up some 1.M.R™ Vortex.

Swimming: Between 700 and 800 calories burned per hour
Swimming is a great cardio workout, and is very gentle on your joints so it's great for people with weaker knees, lower back injuries or arthritis. The low-impact exercise works different muscles at at time, including your legs, arms, back, even glutes and quads. For instance, the breaststroke uses mostly back muscles requiring abduction and adduction of the legs, while the front stroke has you working out your chest muscles. Thanks to the resistance from the water, swimming allows people to burn hundreds of calories. did you know water resistance is about 12 times the level of air resistance? Typically, you can torch about 800 calories per hour for men, and 700 calories for women. Swimming also boost your metabolism and makes you more flexible.

High Intensity Interval Training: Around 300 calories burned per 20 minutes
Less is definitely more in the case of high intensity interval training. HITT is very popular among the fitness enthusiasts and the super-efficient, since it not only burns tons of calories it helps you tone up too. So what is HITT? Workouts that alternates between intense bursts of activity and fixed periods of less intense activity. For example, running as fast as possible, followed by walking for two minutes. Not only do you burn an enormous amount of calories during your intense workout, but you also get to burn more fat and calories in the following hours. BPI Sports’ 1.M.R™ Vortex pre-workout formula is a perfect addition to a HIIT workout.

High interval training allows you to preserve your lean muscle by having most of your weight lost come from fat stores. This type of workout also stimulates production of human growth hormone (HGH)by up to 450% during the first 24 hours following your HITT workout. This increases your total burned calories and even slows down the aging process. The best part is that you can perform HITT without any equipment, instead you can do various exercises with your own body weight like high knees or jumping lunges. 

Jumping Rope: Around 200 calories per 15 minutes
Haven't jumped rope since you were 7 years old? It may be time to get back to it. You can burn a huge number of calories skipping around and it's great for your heart. You can incorporate the exercise in your workout routine or even alternate with a lower intensity exercise like walking. As far as how high to jump, you shouldn't jump more than one inch off the floor.

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