Gym Essentials: Top 4 Must-Have Items In Your Gym Bag

Best Protein Powder gym bag sneakers supplementation workout

Working out regularly takes commitment, discipline and the right gear to make the best out of your time in the gym. Whatever your fitness goals are, from muscle-building to weight loss, being prepared makes all the difference. Here the top four essentials that should go into every gym bag:

Comfortable Sneakers
From popular brands to breathable mesh to fashionable sneakers, there’s a wide variety of running shoes for runners, cardio machine-enthusiasts and bodybuilders. Are you an underpronator where your foot rolls outwards? Or overpronator where your foot rolls inwards? How does your foot strike the ground? Do you have a high arch or more of a flat foot? For example, if you have a high arch that isn’t flexible, you need a neutral sneaker or a cushioned type of shoe. But if your arch height is more on the average side then you need a stability shoe. Those are all questions to ask yourself when you’re purchasing your next pair of gym sneakers. You want good cushioning for better support and maximum shock absorption.

The Delicious Best Protein™ Powder
The right supplementation makes all the difference in your workouts. Especially when it involves high quality ingredients and have a great taste. BPI Sports UK Best Protein™ powder is a superior formula thanks to its 100% whey proteins. A protein powder shake can help support your energy and recovery needs. Enjoy it as a pre-workout snack so you don’t get the hunger pangs in the middle of your routine or have it post-workout for proper muscle repair.

Best Protein™ delivers 24 grams of protein per scoop and has no fillers or maltodextrin. It’s your best bet between quality and value. It’s also third-party verified so you can rest assured that there’s no protein spiking. It comes in delicious flavours such as Vanilla Swirl, Chocolate Brownie, Banana Dream, Cookies and Cream and Strawberry Dream. Just make sure you have a good portable shaker bottle that you can safely carry in your gym bag. Look for a lid that easily grips to the body of the bottle to prevent messy surprises.

The Motivational Playlist
Make sure you’ve got good music to keep you motivated during your cardio and training sessions. The last thing you want to do is get on a treadmill and run to no beat or cadence. Being in the gym means you’re moving and to move right you need flow. Hence, the fantastic playlist. You can try different genres like dance music, hip-hop classics, remixes or even specific songs that remind you of happy times. You may want to try a playlist that’s more about inspiration, perhaps stronger with lyrics and meaning.

Great music is not only enjoyable, it helps you stay in the zone and provide the extra energy needed to power through your workouts, day in, day out. Your favorite songs will pump up your heart rate and get you moving no matter what exercise you’re performing. Don’t forget quality headphones that can take volume up a notch. You don’t want to be overhearing the loud speakers at the gym. Find a pair you’re comfortable with and get going!

Quality Active Wear
It’s important to be comfortable when you’re working out, but you want to make sure you’re being functional too. Always look for natural, breathable fabric since it repels odor and pulls moisture from your body to the exterior where it can evaporate more easily. You don’t want any constricting clothing or flimsy sports bra for example.

You also don’t want anything to ride up or be too revealing. Forget the ratty tees or the over-sized and stained jogging pants, if you look good you’ll feel good and that can translate into more motivation, for a more intense training. If you’re a legging kind of girl, go for a pair that grips and secures you at the waistline to prevent slippage. For men, flat-seamed t-shirts eliminate chaffing so definitely something to look out for.




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