Discover The History of Pre-Workout Formulas

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Where It All Began:

In the early 1990s, creatine was introduced to the world of supplements and sparked a whole new level of interest in sports nutrition and supplementation among consumers. Creatine, with its neutral taste and noticeable results, pleased athletes, bodybuilders and the hardcore crowd alike. There were various types of creatine blends as popularity grew, such as creating monohydrate with ALA and dextrose or creatine ethyl ester and so on. Eventually the comprehensive creatine blends included nutrients like glycocyamine to enhance the creatine effect of pulling water into the muscle cell. As more consumers reached for supplements, both the quality and acceptance of products began to skyrocket.

The Moment it all Changed:
In the early 2000s, the number of people shopping in nutrition stores began to significantly rise. Frequently, you’d see products claiming they were “the best thing since creatine.” While many of these products did have validity and popularity, nothing really captured the common consumer’s interest until the words “Nitric Oxide” and “NOS” were introduced.

The supplemental trigger point for NOS is the amino acid arginine. Scientifically, the role of Nitric Oxide Synthesis (stimulated by supplemental arginine intake) and the resultant effects on human physiology is a complicated biological and chemical process…BUT NO ONE CARED ABOUT ALL THAT, all we knew was that it gave you “one hell of pump in the gym.”

Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts couldn’t get enough of this stuff! People were taking these supplements before hitting the gym, having better workouts and seeing better results! Since it seemed everyone was taking this supplement as a pre-workout, it wasn’t long until companies got the idea to add some caffeine for a boost of energy, as well as some other ingredients to enhance the quality of your training. Alas, the modern day pre-workout product was born.

The Evolution of Pre-Workouts
In an instant, having an explosive workout with a super pump became a MUST for gym-goers everywhere. As the years passed, the bar was continually set higher and higher. Consumers became conditioned to expect a stronger and more powerful product that they could “feel” within moments of taking it.

What started as a boost of energy for your workout quickly morphed into marketing promises like “the strongest energy you’ve ever felt!” With new innovations and ingredients hitting the market, these promises were being fulfilled! Early users of pre-workouts can definitely relate to the sleepless nights, waiting for the pre-workout to finally wear off so they could get a good night’s sleep.

What the People Want Today: Pump HD™
As the novelty of unrelenting, tooth-grinding energy began to fade, people returned to what started all of this in the first place… the desire for a better pump! More blood into the muscles, harder workouts, a more vascular appearance, better hydration and endurance. Basically, a pre-workout product designed to help you have an overall improved workout. That’s why BPI Sports’ Pump HD™ is a favorite among pump-seekers.

Pump HD™ is a pre-training performance fuel designed to amplify your efforts in the gym. BPI Sports’ pre-workout formula features a superior formula that provides your muscles with sustained hydration allowing you to feel that pump, training harder and longer than before. Think improved cell hydration and volume for increased muscle fullness and enhanced pump.


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