So Many Protein Powders, How Do You Choose?

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Protein is a must when it comes to a well-balanced diet and a strong healthy body. One of the most comprehensive kinds of protein available is whey protein, since it contains all the vitamins and nutrients needed to support an active lifestyle, not to mention a sustainable immune system. Whey protein production starts at the most basic level: nature. This purest form of protein comes from cows’ milk which is then processed and refined into the mixable powder you see at your local supplement shop. Generally speaking, the average person needs between .5-1 gram of protein per pound of body weight for basic nutritional requirements. But, did you know the type of whey protein you consume can greatly determine the type of benefits you’ll gain from it? The magic all comes down to how it’s processed.

A whey protein isolate powder such as BPI Sports’ ISO HD™ is a pure form of whey protein that has gone through several levels of refinement to get to a 90% (or higher) total protein content. This type of protein has gained serious momentum lately… for its lean muscle growth and weight loss results. People just like you are beginning to see the benefits of supplementing with a whey isolate over the other more commonly used form of protein, whey concentrate. So, what’s the difference between whey isolate and whey concentrate? How do the two differ from each other?

Whey Isolate versus Whey Concentrate
Whey protein concentrates are produced by taking the whey (that has been separated from the curds) and putting it through a microfiltration process that filters out a majority of the fat and lactase content, as well as other minerals. The microfiltration process results in around 20-80% protein content and a low percentage of lactase (anywhere from 3-5%, or upwards of 8%).

Along with protein, it contains fat and important peptide fractions. Since it contains more than just protein, it offers consumers more health and immune boosting benefits. For whey protein isolate production, the whey protein concentrate is filtered out even more…nearly up to the point of pure protein – 90% and up. In whey protein isolate powder, there are extremely low levels of lactase, virtually no fat and very low carbohydrates.

Due to its incredible purity, whey isolates are much more rapidly absorbed in the body. For you, this means faster recovery time and truly maximizing your post-workout window (the most important time to refuel your muscles after a workout) with critical muscle building proteins. Whey concentrate protein is more comparable to a “whole food”–as the added nutrients weren’t filtered out in the microfiltration, or ion exchange processes still remain–making less desirable for someone looking to slim down. It’s also slightly harsher on the stomach, so if you’re lactose-sensitive whey concentrate protein powder might not be right for you.

BPI Sports’ ISO HD harnesses all the benefits of a quality whey isolate and hydrolysate. While a whey isolate will typically be a bit more expensive due to the extensive filtration processes, ISO HD™ actually packs more servings per container than the competition. BPI Sports’ ISO HD™ delivers 25 grams of ultra-premium, 100% whey isolates and hydrolysates per serving. This isolate protein drives protein synthesis in your body and fuels lean muscle growth so you can get the most out of every workout.

You get what you pay for: popularity versus credibility
When a product is seen as optional, just like all supplements technically are, the need for credibility becomes the first thing that consumers look for to make an informed buying decision. With the dark secret of protein spiking (adding in non-protein ingredients and passing it off as “pure”) looming over the industry, that credibility can be harder to get.

After extensive research, BPI Sports found ChromaDex® and began a partnership that would impact the sports nutrition industry forever. ChromaDex®, one of the most credible, innovative, and most respected natural products companies began third-Party Verification on all ISO HD™ bottles as well as all other BPI Sports proteins. So what exactly does ChromaDex® test for that sets them apart from every other seal program out there? 

The ChromaDex® third-party verification testing ensures no protein spiking, quality ingredients, contaminant testing, identity testing, and final product testing. While third-party testing is now a common practice in the protein industry, it simply covers the FDA compliance, allowing companies to produce and sell protein products on the shelves of major or specialty retailers. This kind of testing does NOT guarantee that each and every bottle of the protein powder sold is the absolute best quality protein that contains everything it claims on the label. Without the official ChromaDex® seal of verification, there’s simply no way of knowing.

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