4 Tips To Help You Take Better Care Of Yourself

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Been tired lately? Not as motivated? Maybe it’s time to reassess how you take care of yourself. There’s no need to get into elaborate detox programs, a few healthy changes can make a major difference.

Stop Eating Processed Foods
If you’re trying to take better care of yourself it’s ideal to get rid of all that processed food you’ve been eating. From your work lunches such as canned soups and microwavable meals to your TV time snacks such as chips and soft drinks to frozen pizza dinners, it’s all full of bad-for-you additives putting your body under constant stress. 

Instead, cleanse your body with fresh, whole and pure foods that aren’t artificial in any way. These unrefined, unprocessed foods are eaten in their natural form. Think whole grains like oats and quinoa, natural chicken or wild salmon as well as yogurt and natural cheeses like cheddar or feta. When grocery shopping aim for seasonal fruits and vegetables such as bananas, cabbage, lettuce, mangos, pineapple, mushrooms and strawberries.

On busier days, when you don’t have time to sit down and eat a fresh meal, go for a BPI Sports UK Best Protein™ shake. The 100% whey proteins dissolve easily so you’re not stuck with a chalky protein shake. You can also enjoy a protein shake before working out for lean muscle building support or post-workout for repair and recovery. BPI Sports Best Protein™ features 24 grams of protein per scoop with no fillers or maltodextrin.

Start Being Active/Change Your Workout Routine
If you’re not already working out, then it’s time to get to your local gym, join a sports league or even exercise at home. Whatever you do, get moving! Summer is a great time to get active outside since the sun’s out longer, so try walking, running, or even yoga. You can look forward to burning fat, building muscle, increased energy and better overall health. BPI Sports Best Protein™ powder can also help support your training efforts.

For those of you that are active every day, consider changing up your workout routine this summer for a bit of muscle confusion and /or breaking that plateau. Switch exercises, add weights, try something new, whatever it is, change it up for better results!

Get Back to 8 Hours of Sleep
Did you know that sleep affects your weight and overall health? So put an end to late nights by getting eight hours of sleep so you can have better, productive days. People who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to have bigger appetites because they’re leptin (appetite regulating hormone) levels fall. Plus, your cortisol (stress hormone associated with fat gain) levels rise, meaning you’re more likely to feel unsatisfied after a meal, still feeling hungry even after you just ate.

Learn to De-stress
Besides food and exercise, learning how to manage your stress is a big deal. We’ve all thought at one point or another that we have to learn how to relax, perhaps meditate or find ways to center ourselves. So resolve to finally learn how to de-stress, let go and embrace better habits. Start slowly, perhaps 10 minute a day for meditating. Try sitting comfortably, closing your eyes and focus on pulling air down your belly. Breathe in for a count of five, hold, then slowly release. If you find it hard to concentrate, try guided imagery for an easier exercise and learn to let go. Paint, play music, take a dance class…it’s trial and error until you find what can help you relieve your stress. Your health will thank you.

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