Fit Strong and Sexy-founder, fitness model and Olympic-trained athlete Amanda Russell joins Team BPI. From 80K Youtube subscribers to 10K Twitter followers, the fitness guru definitely has devoted fans.

Extended Bio

From sleek and sexy arms videos to intense HIIT workouts to killer cardio insanity tips, Amanda Russell shares it all on Youtube. For the personal trainer, when it comes to fitness and results, she sees it as fully-integrated approach; the combination of the quality of your workouts, the frequency, sleep and diet.

Motivation is key to her training style: “Just like the race is won in the training, that "hot body" didn't just wake up that way. The work is done behind the scenes. It's often what nobody sees, it's the hours before the sun comes up or in the gym rather than at happy hour. You never really know yourself, or what you are capable of unless you push yourself beyond those self-imposed limits.”

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