NPC Classic Physique Competitor John Burrus joins Team BPI. The Las Vegas 19-year-old regularly shares his training sessions, diet regimen and posing photoshoots with 132K Instagram fans.

Extended Bio

The Swiss-born BPI Sports athlete finds his inspiration in the golden era of bodybuilding when Arnold Schwarzenegger and Frank Zane were it. John Burrus joined BPI Sports’ Team BPI after trying the quality products, loving the taste and effects of the supplements. For the NPC Classic Physique Competitor’s, the sports nutrition company is more of a family of positive individuals who help each other out and encourage success.

What helps John Burrus keep his eye on the prize is thinking about his dreams being realized. That keeps the bodybuilder focused, motivated and in a positive mindset. The Las Vegas bodybuilder continuously changes his workouts for muscle confusion’s sake and results.

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