UKUP competition judge and prep coach Rafaela Rigo joins Team BPI. The UK bodybuilder shares before-and-after pictures, her training, competition and fitness expo images, meal prep to 117K Instagram fans.

Extended Bio

For the fitness model and international bodybuilder Rafaela Rigo, once you see your body changing through fitness you know you’re in the game. And if you’re in the game, then you go HARD to win. Since her main goal is to build more muscle, Rafaela continuously concentrates on glute bridges, deep squats, hip thrusts and glute kickbacks, progressively adds weights. It’s no surprise the prep coach’s legs and shoulders are her favorite body parts to work out.

From time to time, to boost her metabolism, Rafaela goes for the ultimate cheat meal: chocolate and more chocolate. From pancakes to rice crisps, as long as it chocolaty. Her passion for fitness started after studying physiotherapy and helping to rehabilitate athletes in the gym.

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