Beauty and Fitness Vlogger Sam Ozkural just joined Team BPI. The lifestyle Youtuber shares nutrition plans, workout routines, meal prep strategies, fitness tips, weight loss secrets with over 130K fans.

Extended Bio

Don’t start tomorrow, start now. If you make it fun, fitness will never feel like a chore. These are just some of the personal mantras that keeps vlogger Sam Ozkural on point when it comes to her fitness game. And boy is it working! Her squat routine and leg day video alone accumulated over 220K hits on Youtube.

The champion of diet food hacks is not only a star on Youtube, she also shares a regular stream of pictures with nearly 20K followers on Instagram. Think fitness-related pictures, healthy menu ideas, motivational quotes and more. Besides her passion for fitness, Sam shares the same core values as BPI Sports, always eager to help fans become better version of themselves.

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