The bubbly bodybuilder and fitness model, Sandra Perez, is now part of Team BPI. From booty exercises and squat workouts videos, to beauty tips and transformations and photo shoots, the Youtuber share it all.

Extended Bio

If Sandra Perez had only one message to promote it would be: “Ladies, don’t be afraid to lift heavy in the gym.” She’s living proof that muscle-building workouts isn’t only about bulking up, but can work to enhance curves as well. To keep stimulating her metabolism, this Youtuber swears by three main course meals a day plus two mini ones.

The BPI Sports athlete focuses on form and a good night’s rest to complement all her efforts, making sure she stays on track to achieve her fitness goals. From her “Drop That Booty Down Low” video (22K+views) to her Build-A-Booty video (45K+), it’s no wonder glutes are her favorite part of the body to workout. The fitness model and TakeCareandCareLEss Instagrammer enjoys a good cheat meal every now and then, where she splurges on pizza and frozen yogurt.

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