Personal trainer and IFBB Pro Figure Sasha Brown joins Team BPI. The California fitness model offers various services including red-carpet and photoshoot-ready workshops and figure and posing coaching sessions.

Extended Bio

When Sasha Brown isn’t sharing her fit lifestyle on Instagram with over 35K followers, she’s busy helping men and women transform their physiques and improving their lives thanks to one-on-one training, online nutrition, exercise demonstrations and more. From losing weight to gaining muscle, the Ukraine-native IFBB Pro motivates her clients and help them reach their goals.

Fitness has always been in Sasha Brown’s life, from swimming to martial arts and, now, weight training so it’s no surprise she’s made a successful career out of it. This personal trainer doesn’t believe in dieting, just eating well and training smart. For her, the key to success is finding fitness activities that fit your personality so you can enjoy it. Sasha’s guilt-free way to satisfy her sweet tooth? Protein Jell-o, but for cheat meals, it’s steak all the way.

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