Fitness enthusiast and NASM-certified trainer Tara Frost joins Team BPI. The former gymnast and cheerleader now lives in California and shares her passion for fitness with over 72K Instagram fans.

Extended Bio

The New Jersey native’s secret to success is to wake up every morning with three set goals and go about the rest of the day achieving them. Meal prepping keeps her diet in check, but when it comes to her cheat meal, it’s cupcakes all the way! Vanilla Funfetti with vanilla buttercream is her ultimate weakness. When she’s training in the gym, it’s hip-hop, house music and reggaeton that keeps her going. She gets her best pumps when listening to Sebastian Ingrosso’s “the Calling.”

The certified personal trainer loves HIIT training and leg exercises, but doesn’t like to work out her arms as much. As far as the popular challenges Tara Frost sees when training people, her clients want to see results immediately. The reality is that results don’t happen overnight.

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