CBBF National Level Figure Competitor Victoria D’ariano joins Team BPI. The 24-year old bodybuilder shares her prep progress, leg conditioning, cardio routine, ab circuits and more fitness content with over 99K followers on Instagram.

Extended Bio

When she’s not prepping for CBBF Nationals or practicing her posing and flexing, bodybuilder Victoria D’ariano is sharing her Day in The Life Of videos with over 16K Youtube fans. She shows off her chest-shoulders-triceps routine with pec flys, incline chest press exercises, dumbbell press and more of her workout.

When it comes to cardio, Victoria D’ariano likes her sweat sessions short and efficient doing HIIT to burn more calories. Shoulders are her favorite body part to train, since they’re more challenging but arms are her least favorite, since gets bored easily. The former competitive swimmer’s go-to cheat meal is a burger and fries, plus a doughnut or cookie for dessert. Her favorite burger is a Hunka Hunka: beef patty, bacon, peanut butter and banana on a bun.

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