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At BPI we have a passion for what we do - and that’s why we go to such great lengths to bring you the absolute best quality supplements. You can be confident that if it has a BPI label on it, what’s on the label - matches what’s in the bottle.

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chromadex certified supplements?

BPI Sports is now direct in the UK, which means no third party interaction and results in you being offered the best prices on BPI Sports products in the marketplace.

Not only will you get the best price, you will also be given unrivalled sales support, with free samples, apparel, demo-days from brand ambassadors and store visits from our athletes Andrei Deiu', Nicolas Vullioud and more.

quality assurance

Before our proteins ever leave the factory, bottles are selected at random, and tested in the lab for accurate amounts of ingredients. They are then compared to a control sample for consistency in flavor, color and density. The final step is verification from an independent 3rd party laboratory, just to be absolutely certain that each bottle meets the BPI standard.

what is chromadex

ChromaDex is an independent 3rd party laboratory that verifies our protein products. All of our proteins (yes, every single tub) are verified, meaning that you can 100% trust what we say is in there. This gives you complete confidence that you are taking in the right nutrition to support your body in its training. Just another reason to open your trade account today.

chromadex certified

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BPI Sports BEST Protein Bars
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With BPI Sports being one of the fastest growing brands on the planet today, can you really afford to not get involved? We don’t think so. That’s why we’re here, direct, and making it easy for you.