A-HD Elite/Sliced Combo™

A-HD ELITE™ is an extremely powerful testosterone supporting agent designed to promote testosterone levels and muscularity. The unique ingredient profile of A-HD ELITE™ is backed by research and is designed to support a healthy anabolic state.*† A-HD ELITE™ will have you performing at the top of your ability leading to more strength, power and lean muscle gains in the gym to help you build the dream physique you’ve always imagined. Not only will A-HD ELITE™ elevate your game in the gym...but also in the bedroom. *†

SLICED™ is an Advanced Body-Fat Deconstructing Agent in an Extremely Powerful 1 Capsule Daily Dose. Use for Hardening, Cutting, and Leaning purposes.
30 Capsules

A-HD ELITE™ is formulated with only the highest quality, clinically researched ingredients available. These ingredients have been combined to help promote testosterone levels and create a powerful anabolic state. This all-natural formula will help you as you drive towards new gains in the gym and build that lean, hard, shredded physique. Low testosterone levels have been shown to lead to health issues such as weight gain (especially in the midsection), constant fatigue and low sex drive, to name a few. It’s time to make sure that you have healthy levels as it will enhance your training, energy levels and appearance. *†
  • C. ALBUM: A plant with a long history of traditional usage for enhancing stamina, has been studied according to modern scientific research standards and suggested to support a healthy anabolic state.* However, only a certain part of this plant, extracted accordingly, yields a final ingredient with the desired bio-activity. *†
  • C. BENTHAMIANA: Research suggests that a particular part of this plant, extracted using modern technology, favorably supports important parameters of anabolic / androgenic performance via vasoactivity properties. *†
  • T. ZEYLANICUS: A rare plant with a history of traditional usage in certain global regions, is suggested in research to promote testosterone-based performance criteria, including the ability to perform longer and more frequent under strenuous conditions. *†
  • ZINC: Zinc is a biologically essential trace element and is the second most abundant trace element in the body. It is a cofactor in many biological processes including protein synthesis and maintaining healthy testosterone levels. *†
  • ChromaDex, is an independent third-party testing laboratory on a mission to separate the quality sports nutrition products from the imposters. When you see the “ChromaDex Quality Verified” seal on your tub of protein, you’ll know you can trust what the product label states.

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